Essay On In Cold Blood By Truman Capote

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Truman Capote expressed the events that occurred in real life in a haunting and horrifying way illustrating how scary the world really is. The book discusses two people who were both sane but hated the world with such a fiery passion that they murdered the Clutter family for pure joy. They hated the world so much that they wanted everyone else to hate it as well and consequently committed a crime so evil and full of hate. In the book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, the author expresses how inhuman some people in the world are and how someone's ego drastically changes the way they view the world.

While reading the book In Cold Blood, one would think that the book must be fiction, due to how sinfully evil the murders of the Clutter family were. However, the book is nonfiction and that is what makes the murder of the Clutter family committed by Perry Smith and Dick Hickock so inhuman and immoral. Towards the end of the book Dick Hickock’s last words were “I just wants to say no hard feelings. You people are sending me to a better place than this world ever was.” (Capote.339). Capote specifically puts this quote in the book to show how Dick Hickcock was so immoral that the fact that he killed someone pleasured him and actually
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Towards the end of the book we see during Perry’s mental evaluation that he is “overly sensitive to criticisms that others make of him, and cannot tolerate being made fun of. He is quick to sense slight or insult in things others say” (Capote.297). Capote shows that Perry’s ego is so low that he tries to find a way to make himself feel like he’s better than everyone else. Eventually Perry finds a way to do this by boosting his ego, which is to kill the Clutter family, which helps him to feel superior and stronger than
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