Analysis Of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Evaluative Essay To perpend a certain book as an award deserving book with high qualify, the book would have to leave many critics in shock and awe. These certain award worthy books would have to connect to society and give a whole new viewpoint to the readers to gain recognition. In the story of In Cold Blood, Capote replaces the simplistic views of criminals lowered to an inhuman status with a new perspective considering these criminals as equal human beings. Although the book didn’t get the Pulitzer Prize, an award given to high quality journalistic writings, Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood deserves the Pulitzer Prize because the author gave an unique shock by giving a voice to vilifying figures in society. In addition, Capote grabs the attention of the readers by effectively using diction and details to help engage more readers to the text. Capote utilizes diction to give a new image towards Dick and Perry, the two characters playing the criminal role. Capote gives a new dimension towards Perry by saying “I loved my father but there were times when this love and affection I had for him drained from my heart like wasted water. Whenever he would not try to understand my problems. Give me a little consideration & voice & responsibility. I had to get away from him”(Pg.275). In the quote, Perry creates an abstract diction through the use of soft and mild words such as love and affection. Capote would’ve certainly kept this quote not only to describe his background and
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