Analysis Of Trust Me I M A Junior Doctor

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Trust Me, I’m A Junior Doctor is a funny yet depicting roller coaster in the beginning life of a junior doctor and an author. This doctor/author started writing with a pen name because he said: “ 'I want to make a clear distinction between being a writer and a journalist and being a doctor. I want to send out a signal to my patients that this is different, that I am a clinician ', but later on he changed his mind. Max Pemberton had published his first book “Trust Me, I’m A Junior Doctor” in the year 2008 with description of daily struggles that junior doctors face while trying to find their own path. This book recounted his first year working as a doctor in the NHS, and was based on his first year of columns for The Daily Telegraph. The book is like a journal that shows what happened to Pemberton on a daily basis. Trust Me, I’m A Junior Doctor is a blunt reality of how doctors start out. The beginning in Trust Me, I’m A Junior Doctor showed how nervous junior doctors be, and how they start in a hospital as training doctors. Max Pemberton started his first day on Monday 4th of August where he was a nervous wreck that doesn 't know how his life is going to turn out for the next 6 months. He expected a lot of things to happen differently. He took the first step in the beginning of his life. Within the first few days of taking his first step he couldn 't take it anymore. He was assigned a consultant that was supposed to guide him through what he’s technically supposed to do, but
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