Analysis Of Tuesday Of The Other June By Norma Fox Mazer

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“Tuesday of the Other June,” Bullied? “Tuesday of the Other June” by Norma Fox Mazer is a realistic fiction about a girl named June, who goes to her first day at swim class, and would start going every Tuesday. June finds out someone has the same name as her. The other June does not like the fact that they have the same name. In the beginning, June was happy, she didn 't have to be worried about many things. June also had a great and honest relationship with her mom. Soon, the other June comes along and ruins June’s happiness. June didn 't want time to pass, every passing second just led to Tuesdays, which was the day she would get assaulted and bullied. June doesn’t tell her mom that any of this is happening, all she tells her mom is that she fell on the cement. Little did June know it would get much worse when she coincidentally moves in next to the other June. In the end, as the other June was going to stab June, the teacher saw and the other June got sent to the office. June knew, that she wouldn’t have to worry about the other June again. This story shows that June was treated badly by the other June. One reason June was treated badly by the other June is, the other June didn’t like that they had the same name. In paragraph 15-22 June was at the first day of swim class when the other June came up to her and they found out they had the same name. The other June did not like that her and June had the same name so, the other June, gave June the name Fish Eyes. In
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