Analysis Of 'Tuesday Of The Other June'

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“Tuesday of the Other June’’ by Norma Fox Mazer is a realistic fiction genre about a girl named June and how her life gets affected by bullying. In the beginning, a girl named June goes to swim classes. Another girl named June, is mean and also goes to swim class. Mean June tells nice June not to have the same name as her (June). Mean June gives nice June a nickname called fish eyes. Soon, mean June starts to pick on nice June. Mean June pinches her, ties her braids together, steps on her feet, hides her clothes and calls her names. In the end, nice June and her mom move to a different house. Nice June thought she got rid of mean June until she saw her standing in a house on the way to her new house. Nice June slouched down in her seat, hoping mean June wouldn’t see her but she did! This story shows that being bullied affects nice June’s life in many ways. One reason that June’s life gets affected is by being bullied physically. In paragraph 35, mean June is hurting nice June in the locker room. When nice June gets home, she has many bruises and marks. In paragraph #34, mean June snaps at nice June. “Your name is fish eyes,” she said. She then pinched nice June hard. This is important because it shows a little bit of how mean, mean June is. Mean June isn’t just mean either, she bullies nice June. In paragraph #29, mean June talks behind nice June’s back. “You guys see that bathing suit Fish eyes was wearing? Her mother found it in a trashcan.” Mean June then grabbed nice
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