Analysis Of Tuesdays With Morrie By Mitch Albom

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In the Nonfiction novel written by Mitch Albom, “Tuesdays With Morrie” tells of this author’s experiences with Mitch’s old professor, Morrie. Mitch recalls his experiences with Morrie very personal and impacted his life in a positive manner. Once it was time for Mitch to graduate, he promised his friend that they would stay in contact and continue to strengthen their relationship. Unfortunately, Mitch got caught in the trap of life and lost contact with his old professor for 16 years, until one day Mitch was flipping through channels on his T.V. and sure enough, there his old friend sat. It was on the Ted Koppel show that Morrie was talking about this disease he had encountered, ALS. An article listed by New York Times Explains, “Chances of receiving this disease is 1-1000” (Schwartz 1). This disease is very rare. Instead of acting in a way to scare the audience of this disease, Morrie uses this experience to teach others to view life in a different manner. Mitch eventually came in contact with Morrie and they communicated every Tuesday until the day Morrie died, and each day Mitch grew as a person, changed his perspective on life, and benefited from Morrie’s life lessons. In the story “Tuesdays With MorrieMitch Albom uses flashbacks and Imagery to Illustrate that life shouldn’t be put to waste, but lived to the fullest.

Before the disease ever hit Morrie, this old man was excited about life and enjoyed living each day. As Mitch visits Morrie every Tuesday, Morrie
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