Tulip Fever Analysis

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Tulip Mania The film about the tulip fever was released in the recent years, then the interest to this economic period has grown and it will be described in this article. Tulip Fever The tulip mania was the special period in Holland when the price on the tulips has increased so much then they can cost as much as car nowadays for example. The reason why this period is so interesting for the economist is that the increase of the price on the things that are not essential for the living from the view on the society that days also it is interesting to see how the values of the people have changed over the years. The period of the tulip mania is interesting to the people who study economy because of the few reasons. The main idea of it was the enormous increase in the price of tulips and then they have become even “currency”, such economic change will be explained in this article. What is more tulip…show more content…
In 1637 the finance crisis for the Holland tulip industry has begun and there was no any tulip fever after this. Even through this period of the time is not described in all economic books this does not mean it not worth learning. Such situation in the economy shows that people want to have the thing which is the representation of the wealth in all periods of the human history. All the humans seek to be wealthy and for the good living not because they understand why they need this, but just to be more wealthy than somebody else. What is more this situation with the tulips is interesting to learn about the people who study psychology because it also shows that humans do not always know where they will be in the future and in such crisis with the tulips the illogical behavior of the people who used to exchange their houses for the tulips is also
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