Analysis Of Two Ways To Belong In America

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For many people their family members were the ones that help them get through the hardest things in life. Deepak Chopra said, “If you want to do really important things in life and big things in life, you can 't do anything by yourself. And your best teams are your friends and your siblings.” The love and support in family is strongly shown in the essays, “Two Ways to Belong” and “Graduation”. Bharati Mukherjee’s “Two Ways to Belong” tells the story of two young sisters who move to America together to further their education. Maya Angelou’s “Graduation” tells the story of how Angelou graduates and how her brother helps her along the way. “Two Ways to Belong” and “Graduation” are similar because both writers show how the siblings have strong connections, will always be there for each other and how both families pass on their values. In both essays the authors explain how siblings have strong connections between each other. In, “Two Ways to Belong in America”, the siblings are separated, due to school, and have to find ways to stay connected in their busy lives. Bharati explains how they stay connected, “Mira and I have stayed sisterly close by phone. In our regular Sunday morning conversations, we are unguardedly affectionate” (273). This represents the strong connection between the sisters because they both find time to reach out, talk to each other and show their love for each other. Also, the girls have to take time away from their own lives and time to reach out and
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