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In the story "Uncle Rock" by Dagobert Gilb, we see a young boy named Erick who has a beautiful mother. After they immigrated from Mexico, The mother tries to establish a new identity by finding a man who is wealthy, who can provide for her and her son. Erick, unwilling to get to know his mother’s dates is quiet and doesn't talk to any of the men. After watching his mother in countless disastrous relationships, Roque enters and Erick has mixed feeling towards him. In attempt to bring them closer, Roque takes Erick and his mother to a Dodger's game. While at the park, Erick noticed that Roque was genuine and loved his mom unconditionally and is finally content and adjusting to the fact that his mom may have finally found the one. For the most…show more content…
He wasn't special, he wasn't not.” He is described in a manner that lets us see he is ordinary yet good, he takes care of himself, his clothes and looks but he isn't flashy or a big shot like the men who came after his mom all the time. He was always there for her though in the ways that counted. He “only ever said yes to Erick’s mom.” “He signed checks and gave her cash.” “He came to the door with cans and fruit and meat.” There's a difference in the way the story surrounding roque is told, without the usual disdain we feel from Erick. Yet even so we don't see Erick showing him any warmth or approval until after the baseball game. Erick is walking to his mom and Roque, holding the ball he caught and got signed in one hand and a note from one of the players for his mom in the other. He read the note “I’d like to get to know you. You are muy linda. Very beautiful and sexy…..” He literally can't hear anything around him. He looks up and he sees his mom talking to Roque and Roque talking to her. Seeing them he can hear again and it all clicks for him. “Look, he says in a full voice, they all signed the ball”. This is the first time we hear him talk, this is when he is fully engaged and content in the situation as a

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