Analysis Of Unready To Wear

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Ditch the Body Imagine never having to take care of our bodies again. In “Unready to Wear,” written by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., this is possible. People become amphibious by leaving their bodies and existing with only a mind. The story is in the perspective of a man who left his body, and how he and his wife live their unusual life. Normal people, called the enemy, can not see them and do not get along with amphibians because they do not like that they leave their bodies. “Unready to Wear” is not at all what I thought it would be, but the tale entertained me and made me think about how life would be if this were possible. “Unready to Wear” is a story that I wish were real and is in some parts relatable, but it is also very unrealistic. First, I want to be amphibious. The thought of not having to take care of my body anymore sounds relaxing to me. Not sleeping or showering would save so much time and energy. Without a body, I would not have to worry about what I am going eat or how I am going to make money. People would not get sick or die. Some people develop terrible illnesses such as cancer or heart diseases. I do not think individuals should have to live like that, and in a world like the one in the book, they will not have to. I want to be amphibious because then I will not have to worry about death. Another reason I want to leave my body is that I could choose how I looked when I decided to go back into a body. A closet full of bodies to choose from sounds weird, but I

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