Analysis Of Ursula Leguin's 'She Unnames Them'

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Classification in “She Unnames Them” Analyzed Through Connell
In the theory titled “The Social Organization of Masculinity,” the author, Raewyn Connell provides deeper insight to Ursula LeGuin’s short story, “She Unnames Them,” by expressing to readers the significance of names and relationships. Connell breaks down one of the main facets of masculinity, defining the idea of hegemonic masculinity as a system that enables the perpetual dominance of men and subordination of women in society. By applying this lens to “She Unnames Them,” one is able to recognize the significance that naming carries in a sense of power. In fact, Connell’s theory on masculinity enables readers to understand the underlying implications of narrator’s actions throughout the prose. Even as
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Connell’s contributions to the understanding of masculinity in society are numerous; however, a select few ideas are most closely related to the short story.” In order to gain a clear idea of how the concepts relate to the prose, one must first develop an understanding of the core arguments. Connell’s primary argument that “‘Masculinity’ does not exist except in contrast with ‘femininity’” (Connell 252) calls to attention the nature of gender practice. Connell essentially argues that masculinity is a result of a perceived lesser definition of persons that can be distinctly summed up by one word. Feminine. This suggests that a clear distinction exists between men and women, one that supersedes biological differences, allows the for division to creep in between them. This understanding of gender cascades into the concept of hegemonic masculinity, a reality in which man “sustains a leading position in social life”
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