'Interpreting Robinson's Song Analysis Of Hey !'

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It is interesting to analyze the first verse of the song. It is an anaphoric sentence in which the British police acts as the agent of pain and repression. Another important characteristic to analyze here is the political polarization of them (the police) vs. US (homosexual collective). Van Dijk (16) defines a societal domain or field as “the organization that plays an important role in the commonsense definition of political actions”. The binary opposition between the societal field of the British police and the homosexual group of the English population are very clearly shown in Robinson 's song.

If we rely on van Dijk 's political domains, Robinson also criticizes the repressive political action of the moment. Van Dijk says (18) that "such
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This use of direct style is a way of addressing the listener directly, talking to him, persuasively convincing him of the change.

Pictures of naked young women are fun
In Titbits and Playboy, page three of The Sun
There’s no nudes in Gay News, our one magazine
But they still find excuses to call it obscene
Read how disgusting we are in the press
The Telegraph, People and Sunday Express
Molesters of children, corruptors of youth
It 's there in the paper, it must be the truth

According to van Dijk, political evaluations are characteristically polarized: whereas WE are democratic, THEY are not (van Dijk 28), in these verses Tom Robinson makes a serious criticism against the media (granting them the pronoun THEY in several occasions) which he accuses of infusing a false ideology of stereotypes in order to create a negative social climate with respect to homosexuality. Through positive evaluations of US (the appearance of the possessive pronoun “our”): “there’s no nudes in Gay News, our one magazine” and negative evaluations of THEM: “But they still find excuses to call it obscene” Robinson is accusing to the guilty of the homosexual repression. It is clear here the opposition between good and evil, mass media versus LGTB
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“It’s there in the paper, it must be the truth” is a serious criticism of the spread of an ideology based on the hatred exercised by the mass media.

(Try and) Sing if you 're glad to be gay
Sing if you 're happy that way
(Hey!) Sing if you 're glad to be gay
Sing if you 're happy that way

The refrain here changes slightly. Now Tom Robinson dares to encourage his listeners with a shy "Try!". He encourages them to try to sing for freedom with a direct style, directing to them, what would it be like to achieve happiness and pride for ourselves?

Don 't try to kid us that if you 're discreet
You 're perfectly safe as you walk down the street
You don 't have to mince or make bitchy remarks
To get beaten unconscious and left in the dark
I had a friend who was gentle and short
He was lonely one evening and went for a walk
Queerbashers caught him, kicked in his teeth
He was only hospitalised for a
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