Analysis Of Veganism

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Diet trends and fads constantly come and go throughout the years. More and more statics, data, and information appears to discredit one diet or bring about a new diet that can cure every disease known to man. These diets are practiced in hopes of finding a quick fix into losing weight or as another failed attempt to try to accomplish something off their New Year’s Resolution. As a result of a society obsessed with quick fix solutions, new diet trends emerge claiming to be the magic potion to losing weight, becoming healthy and changing your life forever. Veganism was originally developed by Donald Watson when the Vegan Society was established in England during the 1940s. Recently, there has been a vegan wave where an individual eliminates all…show more content…
The information provided needs to enlighten the viewer in order to give them a new perspective to motivate the viewer to change their life. The film depicts that there is a direct link between meat and cancer. In addition to this statement, they correlate eating processed meats to the same risk as smoking a cigarette a day and increasing the likelihood of becoming exposed to lung cancer. Directly linking cancer to meat is one heavy claim to make but it is also grouping meat, tobacco, and asbestos all together. According to The World Health Organization, 3.2 million people died from pulmonary disease, 1.7 million from lung disease, and 1.3 million lost their lives to road injuries. Just because processed meats are classified in the same category as other carcinogens doesn’t mean they have the exact same risk level and the same effects. The documentary misconstrues the World Health Organization’s link between processed meat and cancer. However, The World Health Organization did not make the statement that eating processed meat was as deadly as smoking. Instead, they acknowledge the effectiveness of the data joining processed meat and cancer together and explains how this is related to the data joining tobacco and cancer. The information provides a valid point but doesn’t back up or support…show more content…
Big sponsors within the food industries also play a vital role with the health information that groups like the ADA and the American Heart Association provide to the public. The producers of “What the Health” offer a pseudo evidence in order for the viewer to convert to a vegan lifestyle. A large percentage of Americans don’t intake the daily recommended fruits and vegetables. Instead, a large percentage of the Americans diet are made up of food choices that cater to our fast pace life. Typically, this means fast food that are processed and have little to no nutritional value. First we need to address the accessibility to cheap processed foods compared to healthy foods. Maybe we should acknowledge and address those issues first, rather than burdening people with an extreme diet many wouldn’t be able to abide
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