Analysis Of 'Veil Of Ignorance' By John Rawls Method

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Melisa Barron Ethics- Journal 8 As we look at the controversial question, “is it just to tax the rich to help the poor?” we need to look at it from the “Original Position”. In John Rawls Method, he discusses these two principles: • The Principle of Equal Liberty • The Difference Principle He explains we must put ourselves in the original position for equality and behind the “Veil of Ignorance”. This is done by not having knowledge about the different aspects of the issue like: race, gender, social class, and so on. It’s interesting when Mr. Sandel addresses at the beginning of the lecture that if we were behind the Veil of Ignorance Rawls believes we wouldn’t choose utilitarianism. This is because as we know Utilitarianism is good to the
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