Analysis Of Violent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerard Jones

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Gerard Jones, “Violent Media is Good for Kids” shows that letting children, and teens read violent media is not such a big deal. Reading the violent media in a way helps the children and teens. It helps them express themselves in many ways, which also helps them fit into their generation and be themselves in their own way. The essay Gerard Jones put together has a strong argument and a lot of effect to the reader. The title sets the essay all together “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” shows exactly what he is planning to talk about and why. The thesis was hard to find in this essay at first but after reading a few times to get an understanding, it was clear that he’s one of those authors that doesn’t put it in the beginning of his essay. Jones states, “When we try to protect or children from their own feeling and fantasies, we shelter them not against violence but against power and selfhood” (203). He makes a convincing case with this statement, it makes it more understanding and leaning towards his argument. …show more content…

Eventually he became a comic book writer of his own, and had a child who used violence to express himself as well. “Fear, greed, power-hunger, rage: these are all aspects of ourselves that we try not to experience in our lives but often want, even need, to experience vicariously through stories of others”(201), he quotes psychologist, Melanie Moore, whom he has worked with, making it a credible source because research was done on this topic and he is a comic book writer himself. His organization in the first few paragraphs is everywhere, it made it harder to read the first

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