Analysis Of Virginia Woolf Professions For Women

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Virginia Woolf – Professions for Women

The essay is an adaptation of the speech that Virginia Woolf gave at the National Society for Women’s Service on January 21, 1931.
On this day, Woolf had been summoned to talk about her personal professional experience to the young women who were about to find a job. Woolf highlights the importance of women’s independence regarding both their professional and private life; employment is an important aspect of a woman’s life and a fundamental step to equality and self-sufficiency, which was still unknown to the majority of women .

Woolf’s point is that being a woman and a writer is not as “dangerous and impertinent” as being a doctor, or a lawyer can be; at least as long as said woman remains silent and keeps from harshly criticizing the work of her male colleagues: kindness, tenderness and a sort of devotion are necessary if a woman intends to keep working in a field wholly dominated by a patriarchal hierarchy.
At some point Woolf introduces us to the figure of the Angel in the House, which she uses as a symbol of women’s submission and inferiority in the domestic and working environment: the figure of said Angel originates from a poem written by Victorian poet Coventry Patmore and is the epitome of the perfect woman, mother and wife according to the strict and puritan Victorian morality. Woolf sees this kind of woman as a sort of nemesis, an enemy who’s constantly reminding her of the attitude women need to have when it comes to
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