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WWI and All Quiet on the Western Front Webquest

You will research information about WWI and our next novel, All Quiet on the Western Front. This information will help you understand why Remarque’s characters were so hopeless and will help to put the novel’s themes into context for you. It will also help you understand why the novel is so universally accepted, although it was written by a German Soldier. Please type all your answers into this document using a different color font. When you finish, make sure your name is at the top, and click the BLUE turn in button! Author: Erich Maria Remarque (pronounced Remark)
1. When and where was Remarque born?June 22, 1898 Osnabrück, Germany
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Explain why WWI was different than any other war fought before it. It started with an assassination and was the beginning of new weapons and vehicles 5. Explain what "no man's land" is, and insert a picture of it.
No mans land is the land in between the two trenches 6. How was gas used as a biological weapon in the Great War? What types of gas were used, and what were their effects? They would use gas bombs and throw them towards opposing people. Gases used included tear and mustard gas, they caused caused temporary blindness and greatly inflamed the nose and throat of their victims. 7. List a few ways soldiers in the trenches would make their food more attractive, edible, or appetizing. They ate it in the dark so that they didn’t see all the bugs and rodents in their food 8. Who is the Red Baron? Why is he famous? How does he die? He was a fighter pilot with the german air force during ww1, he is famous because he officially shot down 80 allied aircraft,, that’s more than any other pilot during ww1. Red baron died of a gunshot wound. 9. What is the Schlieffen Plan? Describe how it affected warfare in 1917. It is a battle plan first proposed in 1905 by Alfred Graf Von Schlieffen (chief of the german general staff), it was designed to allow germany to wage a successful two-front
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What is a dogfight? Explain it for someone who has never seen one. Dogfight is a form of aerial combat between fighter aircraft at short range/really close 12. Insert a picture of a typical set of trenches used in France during WWI.

13. Explain the concept of "Pal Battalions." Was this a good strategy for the German and English armies? Explain. Pal battalions is a military base comprised of men who were enlisted together and/or friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Ithink it's kind of a half and half type thing because on one side men would probably have a stronger determination while fighting because they have their friends and family right there with them, but also it could be a possibility for goofing off and stuff like that. 14. What is the Western Front? Where was it located? Insert a map showing the Western Front in WWI.
The western front was the main theatre during ww1, it was located in france, belgium, and alsace. Result of the War
1. How/Why did the war come to an end? Germany signed an armistice, because they ran out of supplies 2. How many people were killed? About 37 million 3. How many people were wounded? About 17 million 4. What was the dollar cost of the war? About 208
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