Analysis Of Wake Me By Marilyn Kallet

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On this night, Marilyn Kallet was first introduced to the audience as a wonderful writer and a poet, that she was also been involved in editing of the many creative writings including contemporary American Women books for children. Religious matters, she was also introduced as an extensive traveler who has travelled and performed in places like Poland, France and have attended theatrics, and have hosts symposiums, and edited for a period of 23 years here in the University of Tennessee. Dr. Kallet was portrayed as a committed member of this University, and has written numerous various creative writings among which the Jewish origin, and she was very instrumental in the recruitment of many young poet. “Wake Me” poem was read by another colleague connoting the tragic historical event that took place in a Pulse night club in Florida by one Omar Mateen of 29 years old killing 49 and wounded 58. It was a poem that has been filled with sorrow looking at the tragedy that unfolded on that fateful night in Florida to see them made a beautiful poem like this commemorating that event. There was a sense of grieve that has been created, also a healing and resilience when hearing those lines. After Marilyn Kallet has been already introduced to the audience, and some poetry read, she herself came to the podium and thanked everyone for coming, and she also thanked her colleagues from the writing department. It was nice to be here with you all she said. She was also proud of all

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