Analysis Of Walt Whitman's Poem Song Of Myself

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In the Poem “Song of Myself”, written by Walt Whitman, Whitman expresses to the audience his religious and spiritual views of the world. Coming from a more mature standpoint because of revising and already understanding his own beliefs, Whitman guides the reader and advices them on what aspects in life to hold dear and how to reach the same form of enlightenment and freedom as he has found. Specifically through nature, understanding, and equality. Similarly, the book “Dharma Bums”, written by Jack Kerouac, also expresses Kerouac’s religious and spiritual views of the world. However, unlike Whitman, Kerouac’s book is about his journey into achieving his own form of enlightenment through Buddhism and nature. Whitman’s teachings come from a more…show more content…
Personally, I believe that this is a sign of maturity and self-esteem. If a person is confident in themselves and really believes in what they are talking about then it is okay if others disagree, but if you wish for others to be supportive of your views then I believe that means that you are uncertain about them and need clarification. When Ray and Japhy are talking about Buddhism, Ray tells Japhy that he does not believe that Zen Buddhism is truly a form of Buddhism, but rather he is a “Serious Buddhist” because he is working towards something in his life. “That’s because they want them to realize mud is better than words, boy.” (Kerouac 13) In this quote despite the age difference between Japhy and Ray, as Kerouac refers to himself in the book, Japhy still calls him boy, typically not a very flattering and endearing term, especially when used to address someone of a younger age than yourself. Japhy is pointing out to Ray sometimes the most simplest thing that you never would expect to be the answer is actually the best way in going around to solving the problem or question that has been presented to you. In “Dharma Bums”, Japhy takes essentially is Whitman in the idea that he is a teacher to Ray. Japhy does help others in guiding them on their spiritual journey, however his main student seen in the book is Ray. This is…show more content…
“Now I will do nothing but listen,/ To acrrue what I hear into this song, to let sounds contribute towards it.” (Section 26) In “Song of Myself” Whitman directly references his desire to sit and do nothing but listen to the sounds of nature. He trusts in nature to bring him the clarity he pursues, and he believes that all of his desires can be fulfilled in this way. Japhy attempts to teach Ray the importance of meditating and listening to mature in order to help build religious and spiritual understanding. “I sat down as best I could on another rock and we both said nothing and meditated. Only I meditated with my eyes closed.” (Kerouac pg 70) As Ray sat and meditated with Japhy his first thought was to compare the two of them, when he mentioned his eyes being closed it is because Japhy had the ability to meditate with his eyes open. “Once I opened my eyes and saw Japhy sitting there rigid as a rock and I felt like laughing he looked so funny.” (Kerouac pg 71). Feeling unsure of himself, he has to see what others are doing. Because Japhy had an ability that Ray did not, he choose to make fun of him. I believe that once again this comes with a sense of immaturity and lack of spiritual understanding. Had Ray been more confident in his beliefs, it wouldn’t bother him when people performed a certain action differently. Everyone
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