Analysis Of What Happens To A Dream Deterred By Langston Hughes

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Everyone has dreams, but the thing is most people never accomplish them. Some people put off their dreams to the side because something more important than their dreams comes forth. They believe that is better to put their dreams to the side or give up on them and allow their dreams to fade in their minds. In “What happens to a dream deferred?” by Langston Hughes, the poet uses the title, tone, diction, and selection of detail, to express how people are affected by deferred dreams.
The poem’s title refers to the way people feel when their dreams are put their dreams to the side. When you think “What happens to a dream deferred?” It provokes a feeling of gloominess. The words “What happens,” makes the reader think in general what comes as a result from it.
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When a dream is deferred it is like something that is just there in the back of someone’s head, a thought that pounds and pounds in their minds. The constant pounding is a constant reminder that their hopes or your aspirations where crushed and shattered. The dream being something that just sags means that it is just there not moving just there. The reminder taunts you reminds you of your deferred dream. That dreams affect people by being that constant reminder that pounds, and that heavy load, who just sags, that weighs you down and prevents you from moving forward.
Using the detail “Does it stink like rotten meat?” expresses how we don’t realize the gravity of something until something makes us realize it. When something is put away, we may forget about it or defer from it. After time it may be a lost detail in our minds until it hits us, and we remember about it. In life we may think about a dream and may want to accomplish it but something interferes so we put it to the side. In time something may remind us about is and what hits us is the inner emotions we may have locked
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