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Introduction: The book, What To Say Next, by Julie Buxbaum, is an amazing story about friendship. When the popular girl Kit loses her dad in a car crash When she starts hanging out with David who has no friends. Kit likes Davids honesty and David likes having Kit around as a friend. When Kit asks for help figuring out the car crash her dad died in David would love to help. Will their friendship be able to continue when the truth is found out though? This literary analysis will go in depth to analyze how Julie Buxbaum developed the character relationships, how she uses symbolism and description to develop the characters Kit and David. It will also describe how the various settings impact Kit and David. The analysis will describe the how the theme was well developed through the story.

Character Relationships:
While reading What To Say Next, the reader can tell, Kit and David are the main characters and have a special relationship. If Kit had not sat by David at it would be really hard for Kit to get over her dad 's death. Also, if Kit had not sat by David he would not have any friends and be very lonely. This relationship is important because the story would not be good without them.
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Kit used to hang out with the “popular” kids. The main reason she sat by David is because she did not feel like talking to her friends. When she first sat with him she did not think of him as a friend. By the end of the book their relationship changed. To show, “ ‘You don’t have to thank me for being David’s friend,’ I say. ‘I like hanging out with him’ ” (Buxbaum 200). This is important because Kit is friends with David because she likes hanging out with him and not just because she doesn 't want to sit with other friends. This shows that she changed from the beginning of the story towards the

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