Analysis Of Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson

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In the book “who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson it’s a story about four characters two mice named Sniff and Scurry then two little people named Hem and Haw pursue cheese in a maze. Metaphorically speaking cheese is anything from money to inner peace, things to male us happy. And its speaks about how the mice used the trial and error method. Randomly moving through the maze and finding nothing they’d run down another. While the two people would use their minds to find the cheese but got clouded in the process. But once both parties found cheese, the mice would rush their every early morning to go to the station while the humans would have walked down the path towards the cheese and when they got their they take off their joggers and put…show more content…
But when the other two came to see the cheese gone they were so unaware of the cheese changing that they stopped and complained about the disappearance only looking around the area of the missing cheese since they felt entitled instead of quickly looking for more like the mice. With a great time pass the mice found a plentiful amount of cheese while the two people still back in the maze now arguing and even blaming each other as to why their cheese was gone. And this is the first thirty minutes and I can take away that if you stay stagnate or fill entitled to something you are guaranteed to go downhill. And doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results is being insane.To the point of seeing hallucinations one human chose to finally go out and look for cheese but the other, so scared to go back in the maze was becoming paranoid and refused to go. As the human went out looking for new cheese he grew anxious but went through the unknown part of the maze. After a few days he found a little cheese not like the gargantuan cheese they found long
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