Analysis Of Wiglaf In Beowulf

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Jake Christensen
British Lit
Wiglaf Character Analysis
There are many brave warriors in medieval literature. Some of these warriors included Sir Gawain and Sir Galahad who were members of the knights of the round table. These men showed humbleness, loyalty, and honor which are all attributes of a brave warrior, but the bravest warrior in medieval literature is definitely Wiglaf from the story Beowulf. Wiglaf is the embodiment of bravery because he shows humbleness, loyalty, and honor of the highest scale; Wiglaf is Beowulf’s bravest warrior.
Being humble is one aspect of a brave warrior. Wiglaf isn't being humble to make a name for himself; he is being humble because he swore an oath to Beowulf that he would always be there
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