Analysis Of William Blake's The School Boy

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William Blake was born on 28th November 1757, in Soho London. He was an English poet, painter and a print maker. He was largely unrecognized for most of his lifetime and only after his death in 12th august 1827, his works began to create more ripples. Some of his works during his lifetime credited him as being called the greatest artist Briton has ever produced (“William Blake- William Blake Biography-Poem Hunter,” n.d.) William Blake lived during the time of great changes in the human society namely the great industrial revolution and American Revolution. Industrial revolution highlighted events such as war, child labor, rape, murder, theft and corruption. These changes led William Blake to believe that humanity is at the verge of destroying one another. Therefore, Blake’s negative view on society that humanity’s innocence and freedom was being snatched away is clearly depicted in his poem ‘The school boy’. Blake’s poem The School Boy depicts his idea of the society’s functioning during his time (“William Blake- William Blake Biography-Poem Hunter,” n.d.). He views society as interdependent chain of working society which is enslaved to the system. He thinks the society can never be free. No individual living in the society is free to make their own basic choices. That everyone is somehow enslaved to someone or something. Like how a mother is forever enslaved to serving her family and forsaking the role of motherhood would seriously do more harm to her than others. He
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