Analysis Of William Henry Sleeman's Journey Through The Kingdom Of Oudh

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The history of India was being constructed in such a way by the British that the imposition of British rule would become a necessity so as to bring in law and order. William Henry Sleeman , Resident of Lucknow( 1849-1856) wrote “Journey through the kingdom of Oudh” in 1851 at the request of Dalhousie in order to get information about the actual conditions prevailing in Awadh. Sleeman on his part confirmed the inability of the Nawab to govern Awadh. Sleeman found the aristocracy of Lucknow as being responsible for alienating the Nawab from the people.The basic theme that emerges from the story is that of detachment of India’s ruling classes which helped the British officials in taking over Awadh without opposition.The story depicts intolerance in the form that when their country needed them the most, both of them were busy playing chess without even realizing what was happening in their country and by the end of the story they both ended up in an argument against each other regarding the game chess and drove out their own swords and killed each other. This act of their 's show how intolerant they were towards their own families and country. And that is why intolerance leads to the failure of human relations. Intolerance is unacceptable and is not a sign of the strength of one 's conviction but rather is a sign of weakness of personal character. It acts upon conclusions without acknowledging the process which produced the conclusions. The truth taught by the world is

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