Analysis Of William Saletan's Please Do Not Feed The Humans

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The intake on “cheap” daily food are slowly killing the human race. As social incomes decrease, obesity increase. Fat is no longer a rich man’s disease (Saletan). William Saletan the author of, “Please Do Not Feed the Humans: The Global Explosion of Fat” tells a vivid story of how the human race allowed themselves to fall into the hands of a pig. His arguments stayed strong next to him side by side. Saletan gives more than enough information on how, when, and what is happening worldwide about obesity. Although he does not give a solution, he still made an eye opening experience while reading this essay. Obesity is now happening worldwide. Yes I said it, worldwide according to Saletan. “Egyptian, Mexican, and South African women are as fat as American”, he claims in the second paragraph. When insults tend to happen toward Americans, they think of them as people who are all obese due the reason that we are known for fast food restaurants and drive thrus. Although Saletan includes so many more countries who have highly increased in their weight. Mcdonald’s is international, and are very popular as a fast food restaurants. The problem is that their are food already made for us everywhere we go. It is just that…show more content…
More cheaper and “efficient” products mean more money coming their way. As people are getting more greedy with their income, the people who can not afford the better choice of a healthier diet are getting unhealthy. “More sweeteners, salt, and trans fat. Cheaper meat, more animal fat”, Saletan expressed. As a server at a ramen restaurant, I fully understand how this works. People that we call regulars comes to eat out every single night. Along with the information that I know that the food that we serve is in honesty, a giant rip off. A ramen bowl that cost up to twenty three dollars for all
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