I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud Essay

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Has there ever been a day, where everything that could go wrong does, and it seems like nothing can reverse the damage? But then upon arriving home, something worthy of much gratitude happens to ease away the pain of this awful day, even if only small in measure. It could be the giving of unbiased love and affection from one’s animal companion, the lended ear and open heart of a friend, or even the discovery of good leftovers in the fridge from one’s favorite restaurant. The appreciation felt for the uplifting abilities of the ordinary details of one’s life is addressed in William Wordsworth’s poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. The poem’s speaker describes a time when they were strolling through the countryside and discovered a very large grouping of yellow daffodils. They recall the daffodils to be so enchanting as they waved in the passing breeze…show more content…
Present day American society places such an obscene amount of emphasis on obtaining success and achieving goals that the borderline obsession is deteriorating people’s lives and characters. In his book The Cheating Culture, author David Callahan discusses how Americans seem to have adopted two different moral compasses, the first directing people’s behavior in situations concerning family, sex, traditional crime, drugs while the second directs people’s behavior in situations concerning money, careers, and success (Callahan 14). It is concerning to think that a person may be so focused on achieving their goal that they would willfully choose to change their morals and tarnish their character just so they can rationalize and justify their use of what would normally be
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