Wish Upon Movie Analysis

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This has to be one of the worst horror movie I have ever seen in my life. This is not an exaggeration, I found it more humorous than scary. Wish Upon is about a teenager girl name Clare Shannon, who isn 't too thrilled with her life. Her father is a dumpster diver, who goes around town from dumpster to dumpster finding anything he thinks that shouldn 't have been thrown away.

He keeps all the stuff that he finds from the dumpster stored in their house. Sometimes he would search in dumpsters in front of Clare’s school. Embarrassing her in front of all her peers, sounds like a Disney movie to me. This part isn 't so Disney, her mother died by committing suicide and Clare still gets nightmares about it. One day while on one of her father’s
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Sounds like most men in this generation anyway. There isn’t much horror in this so called horror film. If there was I must’ve missed it completely. You are only given a certain number of wishes with the box. After your last wish the consequence is you will die.

One of her friends who surprisingly hasn’t died yet tried to hide the box from Clare because she can’t stop herself from making wishes. At what point are you getting any horror vibe from this movie? Even though her friend tries to hide the box from her, Clare finds it in her locker and the two begin fighting over the box. Clare finally realizes that her wishes are getting out of control and so is her life; she is also down to her last wish. Clare wants her life to go back to the way it was before she had the box. For her final wish, she wishes that she can go back to the day her dad gave her the box.
She wakes up to see that the wish worked and she’s still alive and so is her dog.
So she runs downstairs and offers to go dumpster diving with her father. While dumpster diving she finds the box before her dad does and stuffs it in her bag. She then finds a place to rid herself of it forever by burying it. She then arrives at
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