Analysis Of Wonder By R. J Palacio

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The plot in the novel with specific references to the novels structure is August going to camp and getting bullied by Eddie by calling him “Freak Boy”

A plot is something that happens in a novel, film or ply and it is the important thing of it. The resolution for the plot is when Jack Will helps August when he is getting called names.

August starting school is a plot and so is making some friends and having the courage to go to camp when he was afraid to.

The plot in the novel Wonder by R.J Palacio is by August getting bullied at camp by a boy named Eddie.

“Don’t judge a book by the cover” Lester Fullerand and Edwin Rolfe

The characteristics of one character in the novel Wonder by R.J Palacio. I feel like Olivia Pullman (August’s Older Sister) just calls to me and stands out.

Olivia Pullman (Via) is Augusts older sister and just wants the best for Auggie (August’s nickname). She is loving, caring and helps August during times he is sad. Nate, Isabel, Olivia and August Pullman are one family that look out for each other.

She helps him when he wanted to come out of school because boys talked about him behind his back and she helped him when Daisy died.
One character that really got shown to me is Via because she is a loving and caring sister and August is very lucky to have a sister like that.

R.J Palacio’s style in the novel helps you to relate to the story by writing about a book that nobody would write about.

R.J Palacio was somewhere and she saw a young girl or

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