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I am just going to get it out of the way in the beginning that I am not a superhero movie or comic fan. I have not followed any series, or any particular superhero’s story. I do have seen some movies randomly, but that’s it. So I have no clue whether the film on Wonder Woman was accurate, or if some parts are missing or the story has been tweaked. I write this article as a newbie’s experience of the superhero world. One thing I can say is that I may have not walked in the theatre as a fan, but I definitely came out as one. I went to see the film for one reason and one reason alone; it was the first stand-alone female superhero movie. That alone was intriguing enough, but in addition to that, the fact it was directed by a female director (first…show more content…
She is an all-round badass, as much in real life as she is in the movie. Playing the valiant Amazon princess (and demigoddess) Diana who fights for what is right; Gadot has also been breaking boundaries in real life as well. She sashayed down the red carpet in comfortable flats, easily breaking the unspoken rule for women to always wear heels. From shattering social confines to physical ones, Gadot shot some scenes of Wonder Woman while she was 5 MONTHS PREGNANT! And she served 2 years in the Israeli Armed Forces as a combat instructor!! Channelling my inner Chandler, I have to say “Could she BE more…show more content…
Firstly and very importantly, the Amazon women are not shown as sexual beings, even with their battle armour being skirts. They are no damsels in distress, waiting for Prince Charming; they are the knights in shining armour. But what is amazing is that men are too not shown as helpless (though stupid, but who can change that?), especially the male lead Steve. He is a soldier with a mission, is heroic as hell, and does help our heroine sometimes. This is highly significant because it shows there is no reason to show one gender as weak, to show another as powerful (like has been the case in most films of this genre). In today’s world, this kind of representation is very important, especially for the young minds that can have better role models than we did growing up. In a time where women are losing the basic rights on their own body (looking at you, America) and are being trolled for wearing what they want (looking at you, India), a superb film as this comes as a breath of fresh and much needed air. So as a newbie in the superhero universe and as a decent human being, I urge everyone to watch this film. And if you feel this film is “too feminist”, well no really cares what you

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