Analysis Of World War III: The Love Story

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World War III: The Love Story ©2015 by Ken Knight This is the work of alternative-history fiction. All persons and events portrayed herein are considered to be fictional. Historical names and entities have been mentioned and used in the story for historical reference and homage with no slander or libel intended on past historical figures living or dead. Any similarities thereof are coincidental and unintentional. Dedicated to William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson: creators of “Logan’s Run”, by far the best dystopian science-fiction story ever written. “With Logan, we run!” Also to Lance Henriksen, Jesse Ventura, Gene Simmons, Phoebe Cates, Linda Hamilton, Jennifer Beals and Sybil Danning: your acting helped make the 1980s a fun decade of cinema for a movie-hound like me. And to my friend Patty Duffek who was Playboy magazine’s “Miss May” for the year 1984: the good ol’ days!  “If we don 't end war, war will end us.” -H. G. Wells Prologue Wright-Patterson Air Base. July 9, 1947: The entire base was locked-down tight, maximum security protocol. You would have thought Atomic weapons were being off-loaded but then again this security was even

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