Analysis Of 'You' By Carol Ann Duffy And The Great Gatsby

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“The best writing about relationships is likely to deal with psychological and emotional growth.” How far do you agree with this statement? In your response you should comment on and analyse the connections and comparisons between at least two texts you have studied. Relationships are founded on growth. Growth can come in many forms and can often define a relationship. For example, growth of intimacy and trust makes for a functional relationship, however, growth of resentment can prove to be destructive for a relationship. A type of growth that people hardly focus on is the way a person grows emotionally or psychologically in a relationship. Personal growth is essential as ever relationship comes with a lesson to be learnt. The prescribed texts that I will be analysing are Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Rapture displays the progression of a relationship starting with “You”, emphasizing the infatuation that the poet feels with the object of her affection, and ending with “Over” which is a celebration of a love that once was and no longer is. The ups and downs of the relationship are portrayed through poems and extensive use of nature imagery to describe sensuality, love, sadness, and anger. The first two poems of the collection show the anticipation of the speaker. The poem “You”, although dark, describes the beginning of the relationship where the poet’s future lover has invaded the poet’s thoughts.
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