Why Do Zoos Violate Human Rights

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For a long time there has been the debate if Zoos, Circuses, and aquariums violate human rights considering that in certain cases they help animals from extinction. While that could be the case we also see that animals are unhappy, mistreated badly, and also they are only there for the sole purpose of human entertainment. On a personal belief I think that they do violate human rights, and they should be shut down. While they can save animals, there is way too much more evidence leaning towards it being bad. Zoos, circuses, and aquariums should be shut down. Animals in these setting are mistreated. A report shows that circus animals spend 96% of their life locked in cages(Corp , PAWS. “Enjoy the Circus? The Animals Don 't. .” Paws, Helping…show more content…
Only about 5% of animals in Zoos are endangered(unknown , guest. “Zoos: Imprisonment or Preservation .” Zoos: Imprisonment or Preservation?, 4 July 2003). So what about the other 95%? Why are they there? Those animals are there in some cases because they have been harmed, but most cases they are there because they will bring other people money. Saying that its estimated that $17.2 billion was made in 2013 regards to zoos and aquariums(Josephson , Amelia. “The Economics of Zoos.” Smartasset , 25 Sept. 2017,). That was made all out of humans attending these places, these places only do what they do for the money. They aren’t doing it to be close to the animals, or to save them. They are doing it to receive money. Some believe that these places are good because they can help save endangered animals, and help animals. Which in some cases are very true. But in these cases they are sanctuaries, or special places that these animals are at so they are being saved and helped. Almost never are zoos, aquariums, or circuses saving animals because they are almost extinct or because the animals were hurt. The animals in these places were most cases born into captivity and so they cannot return to the wild. Therefore they must stay in these places, which is not fair to them because they had no choice of being born into that
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