Analysis Of Zora Neale Hurston's Seraph On The Suwanee

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In this excerpt of Seraph on the Suwanee, the speaker, Zora Neale Hurston, describes the Floridian town of Sawley and its inhabitants. Hurston utilizes an admirative tone while discussing the beauty of the environment and the uniqueness of it inhabitants. Hurston does this to show the positive aspects of Sawley while discussing the aspects that make it different from other locations. Through the use of devices such as enumeration, regional dialect, imagery, climax, and sentence structuring, Hurston successfully illustrates the true beauty of the town that has been influenced by the people. Ultimately, Hurston does this to show how truly different the city is than that of any other place.
Hurston begins by describing the beautiful geographical features that surround the town of Sawley with a mystified tone. Hurston utilizes imagery to convey the true beauty of Sawley and the surrounding area. This can be seen when she states, “waters, running swift and deep through the primitive forests, and reddened by the chemicals leached out of drinking roots. Hurston has an attraction the area which can be seen through her vivid descriptions of the natural features that provide the reader with images of the location. By describing the forests as “primitive” it can be inferred that the environment has not been tainted by Human interactions and remains pure in its natural …show more content…

Hurston finds herself mystified by the beauty of the area and admires the people of the town that do not relish on its fame and only desire the simplistic way of life they lead. Through the uses of devices such as numeration, regional dialect, imagery, climax, and sentence structuring, Hurston effectively conveys her feelings regarding the town and the townspeople. Ultimately, Hurston purpose is to praise the town and its people for remaining culturally unchanged and simplistic in the way they

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