Narrative Structure In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God is a classic novel representing life of a black female individuals in early 20th century. In the story, Janie, the main character meets 3 male individuals and forms a relationship with them. Throughout her life, she desires find true love and also true self which will bring her happiness. In these relationships, Janie is treated unequally as a female, but she is able to learn more about herself as well as find true love. Hurston utilizes unique use of language as well as a fascinating narrative structure. The story starts with Janie telling friend Pheoby Watson her story with three man. In this case, Janie is representing the role of author and Phoebe represents the audience. Being a black…show more content…
For Janie, reaching the Horizon means finding happiness. Janie hopes that her relationship with Teacake will lead her to the horizon, also known as happiness. Although, Teacake treats her with respect, elements of feminism can be still found in this relationship. When Mrs. Turner proceeds to set up Janie with her brother, Teacake decides to beat Janie up. Hurston uses this to show that feminism is still in presence no matter which men it is. In this case, Teacake shows her dominant control over Janie, giving her a beating. However, this particular use of violence is different. This violence gave Teacake relief of his awful fear inside him which is losing Janie. Teacake wants people to know Janie belongs to him and he is in total control of her. Also, Teacake feels insecure and jealous of the situation. Surprisingly, Janie does not feel upset, and does not fight back. Rather, it seems attractive to her because Teacake is assuring Janie belongs to her, showing love rather than ignorance and inequality. This element of feminism brings irony. The major reason that seperated Janie from Jody has become a form of attraction for her. Hurston shows that such violence of feminism is can be shown not only by lack of respect and love, but rather too much of them. At the end of the novel, we can see Hurston’s theme of this book is not racism. When she is in trial for Tea Cake 's murder, she is comforted by a fellow white lady and ironically has the whole black community of men against. Hurston, till the end leaves us readers with men being against and criticizing woman. Hurston utilizes race to show a form of feminism, which men are always against woman and not sympathetic with them, despite the color of the skin. However, at the end Janie states “So Ah 'm back home agin and Ah 'm satisfied tuh be heah. Ah done been tuh de horizon and back and now Ah kin set heah in mah

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