Our Eyes Were Watching God Feminist Analysis

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This paper focuses on Zora Neale Hurston’s novelThere Eyes Were Watching God, itexplores the Triple oppression, race, class, gender discrimination, black woman, identity, liberated woman, oppression, suppression, conditions and situations of women in society, position of women and self-realization or self-awakening through the process of colonization, male-dominated African culture brought to America by the slaves. In fact the black women are oppressed and suppressed in different aspects. This paper is an analysis of the ways in which the protagonist of African-American literature signifies Racism, Classism and Sexism with traumatic conditions under which African- Americans live. This is an attempt to explore, from different feminist perspectives, the quest for feminine identity of a black woman, Janie Crawford, the protagonist of the novel. The protagonist's experience of gaining her natural womanhood has a number of controversial complexities. However, in order to break out from her passivity to seek…show more content…
Apart from hard work and obedience at home, they were the source of sexual pleasure not only for their husbands but also for the white males. They were considered as exotic sexy women who easily surrender themselves to colonizers. In the colonial space black woman experiences a much harsher and severer oppression because of the colonialist’s excessive attention to the body of black woman as sexual object to be watched and enjoyed; that is just one dimension of black woman’s unfortunate fate. This woman has already been and is simultaneously dominated by the black traditionally male-centred society. Therefore, the Afro-American women can be considered as doubly colonized in their encounter with the white-American
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