Analysis Of Zora Nelson Huston's Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Within societies, culture plays a huge role in shaping who a person becomes. What values they consent to and what would make them content and satisfied with life, otherwise said, happy. In a patriarchal racist community woman as a double minority suffer twice the burden of proving herself, defining her values, and finding what defines her. Some of these women choose to obey and submit and live life as given to them. Just a few stand up for themselves, speak up, fight toward their freedom and independence against all cultural norms and social constructions including race and patriarchy. Some people may suggest that in Zora Nelson Huston’s book Their Eyes Were Watching God the main character Janie is in a continuous search for a true love. However,…show more content…
The slap on the face constituted a wakeup call for Janie, a mocking from life, reminding her that she operates within norms, values, culture and community that is selfish, violent, bounded to the past and not willing to change. Just like Nanny. Dark history of slavery, oppression, and narrowed view of the future bounded Janie from all corners. That unchosen frame of culture won’t allow Janie to realize her vision unless if she rebels. However, Janie still does not recognize the importance of her choice or if she even has a choice because she is part of an unchosen system from the start. The clash of generations made Janie submit to Nanny’s vision instead of her own. Instead of seeking love and natural marriage, she should seek materialism in which she has no interest. “She hated the old woman who had twisted her so in the name of love” (Hurston, 89). Logan is the culture’s definition of the horizon, the culture’s definition of freedom and definition of being a woman. Losing in the vacuums of an attachment to materialism and underestimation of one’s own race. Nanny sees Janie as Logan’s wife. That’s the most perfect future she can ever have as a person of color, but that’s definitely not what Janie is looking for. While Nanny thought she was protecting Janie by forcing her to marry Logan, she was actually growing up a mass of hate in Janie’s heart toward her, thus toward…show more content…
Tea Cake as his name announces, like a piece of cake with a cup of tea at the end of a very tiring and long day. The book demonstrates how similar tea cake to Janie’s horizon by announcing that he looked familiar to Janie. (Hurston, 94) The connection between them was made almost immediately. Freed from Nanny, the culture, Jody and Logan’s control, life’s rule of materialism to be secure and independent, now Janie can choose for herself the person with whom she is going to be and also whether or not to stay with them among a variety of options from all those who would die for Janie. Tea Cake’s playfulness, adventure, happiness, protection, respect and his artistic aspect brought back the vision of the peer tree and constituted a time-based definition of what natural marriage means. It seemed perfect to Janie. Tea Cake treated Janie as a grown up woman with a young soul and a perfect beauty while acknowledging her freedom to choose. Freedom to stay or to leave by constantly reminding her that she has the keys to the kingdom (Hurston, 121). Tea Cake was the source of happiness for Janie and the closest image to the peer tree, she learned to give, serve and be served with him. She thanks him for giving her the chance to love. She engrave him in her memory for his valuable lesson on how to love and be

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