Analysis On A Ranch In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Dreamers On A Ranch Dreams are the things that everyone in the world can afford. The poor dream of the rich and the rich of more riches. Everyone has a dream that they chase in their life. Something that they live and breath for. Just like everywhere else, there were dreamers in the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. In the novella even though it was the Great Depression and people couldn't afford many luxuries they could dream. It was the one luxury that they everyone was allowed to have. They all dreamt of a better tomorrow. This is a very prominent theme in the book. It is what everyone strives for in the future. The author´s purpose of using this theme was to highlight the ambitions of the characters; Steinbeck wanted to show just how much they all valued their dreams and intensify the emotion of the story.
The one person that really fueled everyone's dreams was George. He also had a lot of dreams himself. At first his dream was a life without Lennie. He says that he would go to a cat house and just have fun without worrying about Lennie. He would be able to make some money without trouble but with Lennie he has to always worry about him. Then as the story
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His dream is that he can tend to the rabbit at the ranch. He would be able to have all the soft thing he wants without anyone questioning him. He will finally be free from judgement from other people and live how he wants to. He won't have to pretend to someone he isn't. “Tell you what? About the rabbits… You get a kick out of that, don't you?” (Pg 13). This is a conversation between Lennie and George, where George is asking Lennie to tell him about the ranch and rabbits again. The quotes shows how much Lennie values this dream. It's his only hope of a better tomorrow. He would be able to be himself in the ranch and that's very important to him. It's one of the only things that keeps him
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