Analysis On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Have you ever thought about about how much time and effort college athletes put into their sport? They spend the majority of their four years in college training for a certain sport. All the time and effort the athletes put in yet they do not receive a penny. Most of these young men and women have moved out of their parents house and have to fend for themselves. College athletes should be paid because college athletes put up the same injury risks as professional athletes, the players bring in money, it could increase motivation for education, and the sport acts as a full time job. For starters, college athletes put up the same injury risks as professional athletes. Over a thirty-year period, fall sports had 176 college direct catastrophic…show more content…
Four-year athletic scholarships are not real, they are extended or refreshed every year . For example, an athlete can play on a team for two years, tear his or her hamstring, and have their scholarship ended . He will not have any money to get back into school and he most likely will not have a job because of the time he spent training during the year (Deutsch). Offseason training makes it difficult to do anything even when school is out (“The Ongoing Debate…”). A lot of class time is missed by athletes when they are travelling to and playing games. “Those who believe college athletes should be paid argue that they are “employees”, as they commit just as much time, if not more, to their respective sports than the average person does with their job” (“Should College Athletes…”). 43.3 hours is about the time that an average college athlete spends on lifting and practicing for a sport, studying, finishing homework, and being in class (Deutsch). In fact, the average college football player gives up over three hours more than the average American works each week (“Should College Athletes…”). This demonstrates that athletes spend all their time training for their sport and do not have time for a
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