Analysis On Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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A senior in college sports has no pay rate, and a rookie in professional sports can earn a multi-million dollar contract. The difference can be a one-year gap. College athletes are not allowed to be paid, but receive a scholarship instead. Many college athletes do not put the scholarships to good use, they often end up with low paying jobs after school, and colleges have lots of money to fund pay for athletes. If there is absolutely no way a college athlete can be paid, there are different solutions such as colleges helping students to focus on education more than playing sports. Athletes in college should not only be given a scholarship, but also a salary in their involvement in sports. Countless athletes have scholarships for their sports. Often enough, they don’t gain a good education from it. Since college athletes are offered a scholarship for their athletic performance, “then college athletes should receive the full benefit of their bargain-a worthwhile undergraduate education” (Brown 11). Athletes are usually traveling with their team, competing against other colleges. Leaving not much time for education, athletes put most their efforts in sports. In addition to not having much time for education, that leads to low graduation rates in college for many athletes. Because…show more content…
First, scholarships aren’t being benefited from due to the lack of time the athlete has. Second, student-athletes often end up with low paying jobs, so a pay rate in college could help them out after finishing school. Third, college sports have profited millions of dollars off of these student-athletes and they only receive a scholarship. Make it or break it, one former athlete works a minimum wage job, while a rookie in the professional league is making millions. The lesson learned is that college athletes are being exploited. Should a one year difference be the factor between a low-end job and more than a million
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