Analysis: Othello Tradgety Of Death

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Jacob Sidelnikov Mr.Paulson 1/18/15 English Othello Tradgety of Death From the beginning of Othello I noticed that it was one of the most interesting plays that I 've read and analyzed. This play is not just a drama, but also is a collection of problems and issues that happen every day .For me it was very interesting to see how the important 's of racism can be used to depict Othello 's actions,and even hurts him in the end,when he goes to kill Desdemona. In the scene study that our English class put on, I was Cassio and Othello. These two characters thought different, seem to be the same. Othello is the highly respected general of Venice, although he is a Moor. While Cassio is a rich hatey,beautiful man from Venice. These two men are similar when it comes to their love of power, and their slowly disintegrating respect for each other. While playing Othello I reilized ,how hard it is to play him. Despite being a powerful figure, respected by most around him, Othello has many insecurities which result in acting as a mentally challenged person. Othello caracter can be best described in the act 4 scene 1. In this act Othello and Iago are talking and Iago mentions Desdemona 's betrayal towards him.Othello slowly goes from calm to angry to fearce,and even tretans to kill Desdemona. In this same scene, Iago is able to manipulate the conversation to give Othello evidence of Desdemona 's affair with Cassio by mentioning the finding of her handkerchief in Cassio 's

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