Analysis: Pursuit Of Happiness

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Based on what Byron Katie, she concluded the situation is hopeless if what causes your problem is always there but you think that anyone or anything is responsible for your suffering. It means that you are forever as a victim and suffering in paradise. As we know, people live in a society filled with a lot of challenges and troubles. No matter you are facing and dealing with any financial problem, family conflict or career issues, stress and struggles are hard to avoid or we say it is inevitable. Overwhelming life’s struggles are never easy to go through. Refer to the movie “Pursuit of happiness”, the main character, Chris Gardner, a man who hardworking and courage but loses everything and live with struggle in his life. Therefore, we are going to discuss about the factors that lead to life struggling. First and foremost, financial issues will become the main factor that lead to life struggling. Based on what Elizabeth Warren (1949), she concluded that balancing the money is the point to get enough.” As adult especially for those who have family, it was hard to survive and financially support to the whole family if you are experience financial problems. It is not something that happens overnight. It is generally caused by something that will impact the incoming source. Many families face this problem as they don’t have a good money management skills and they are lacks of knowledge about how to wisely use the income and credit. Most of the family they only have a rough
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