Analysis: Should Parents Be Required To Vaccinate Children

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Should parents be required to vaccinate their children? This topic is important because there was a measle problem in Santa Ana, California. The only way to not get the measles was to vaccinate their children. Some people didn't want to vaccinate their children because they think the vaccinate is bad for them and also they may be over protective. I agree that children should get vaccinated because they could be safe and the parents wont be worried about their kids. I think if the the children don't get vaccinated they will get the measles. Should parents be required to vaccinate…show more content…
But some parents worry what will happen after they choose to vaccinate their children. My opinion, is to do it. My supporting detail to my argument are " It"s a problem when 8 percent or more decline vaccines that keep diseases such as measles from spreading." This quote means that 8 percent or more who decline vaccinate shots, it will be a problem. The evidence is important to the main issue because whatever my argument is, i have my evidence to back me up. Should parents be required to vaccinate their children? I agree that parents should vaccinate their children against measles. The reason why parents should vaccinate their children is that " Since then, the disease has continued to spread by people who were vaccinated."This quote means that the people who weren't vaccinated got the disease. There are some people who disagree by not getting vaccinated. Some people think that because its their decision and
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