The Box That Changed America Analysis

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Have you ever asked your mom if she’ll take you to this movie and she said no I don’t like stuff like that? That may be because having so many options and channels to watch divides audiences, maybe only boys like that movie or maybe only girls like that movie all because of there being so may channels and things to watch. If there was only three channels on your TV would you and your family watch TV together more often? Probably yes, because that is all there is to watch. Overall, yes having so many TV shows to choose from is making our nation and our families more divided, because it also came along with new technology which gave people a way to watch TV where and whenever they want to. In the Paired texts “The Box That Changed America” and “Television Transformed” by Lauren Tarshis it…show more content…
One example of this is in the text “Television Transformed” when it states “After cable TV came the internet, faster computers, and smartphones. These new technologies changed the way we live and the way we watch TV (p.23).” This clearly states how technology is also the reason families are being torn apart, because once came new channels also came new technology. Another example of this is in text “The box that changed America” when it states “Those original three networks would soon be joined by hundreds of cable channels. The rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu would make it possible to watch shows whenever viewers wanted (p.21).” This clearly exemplifies how when there was just three channels everyone was only watching shows when they were on, but once came all this new technology and other stuff it made it possible to see it whenever which made audiences more divided. Lastly, another way families are being divided instead of united is because of new technology and being able to watch shows on things other than the
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