Analysis: The Cobra Movement

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The Art That Lives The artwork created under the Cobra Movement by far is definitely not the most beautiful or understandable work of art on display in the museums. At first glance, it may even look like doodles created by our siblings when they were younger. Though its essence is not immediately noticeable, sitting there and staring at it the art seems to speak for itself and spills its secrets. The Cobra Movement begun in 1948 Paris in response to World War II and would eventually unite artists from Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. Cobra artists would use animals as a representation of people’s animalistic instincts and desires. The artwork I chose to work with is the Parmi Nous created in 1965 by Pierre Alechinsky because it explores the importance of beauty. At first glance, I noticed that the Parmi Nous seems to lack a focus. In more traditional paintings, the artist would use contrast between colors to draw the audience’s attention to a certain area but the Parmi Nous seems to be all over the place. Perhaps, the most peculiar is the large black stain and the green and blue lines which stands out from the red and orange background. I noticed that the green and blue lines are curved and creates…show more content…
Like previously mentioned, I find the Parmi Nous a lot like graffiti and that is because it is striving to survive just like graffiti because they do not live up to the standard of what people would generally consider as art and beauty. Thus, the way the art lives represents those among us that lurks in the shadows of more perfect people just trying to survive too. This brings us to the question: Does perfection really matter? According to the Parmi Nous, perfection does not really matter because ugliness would always exist. Thus, people should not exclude others for their imperfection because imperfection is inside of you as
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