Analysis: The Mystery Of Self-Sabotage

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Step One: Understanding of the New Material Learning Concept 1: The Mystery of Self-Sabotage The author explains how everyone at some point has probably experienced self- sabotage. The author tells a story of a student fresh out of high school. Jerome a student who has had the goal of becoming a C.P.A, and owning his own accounting firm by his 30th birthday. Jerome set long-term goals of getting his college degree and pas the C.P.A exam. He also set short-term goals of earning A’s in every class during the first semester. To accomplish these goals Jerome developed a written self-management system and showed interdependence by starting a study group. When the semester ended Jerome had failed accounting 101. The author goes on to talk about Jerome’s inner guide. “ Jerome made some strange choices during his first semester. He skipped his accounting class three times to work at a part time job. On another day he did not attend class because he was angry with his girl friend. Then he missed two Monday classes when he was hung-over from weekend parties. He was also late five times because parking was hard to find. Jerome regularly put of…show more content…
He had goals in place to help his accomplish his life’s dream, of owning his own accounting firm. As the semester goes on Jerome slowly starts to lose focus and strays from his goal. This is a normal thing that happens for people. Life gets in the way of their goals and they stray from the path. We have had people in our Social Worker program that have done the same thing they start out all excited to accomplish their goal of becoming a social worker and as the semester progresses they start to skip class or the classes they do attend they show up late to or spend the entire class on their phone. When the exam comes they either show up or just write their name on the exam or they don’t bother to show up at

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