Examples Of Reverse Racism

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The Reverse of Racism is Love Would you punch a Nazi in the face? The twentieth of January of this year, Richard Spencer, a well known American white supremacist, neo-Nazi and member of the alt-right movement, was punched in the face during an interview by a protester. The moment that was caught on video became rapidly viral, with thousands of internet posts that came afterwards, either making fun of Spencer or reprimanding the actions of the protester. Regardless of whatever reaction a person can have when watching a Nazi being punched in the face, there is irony in the fact that Spencer was victim of the kind of power he has tried to wield against minorities while following a Neo-nazi ideology; however, there is a huge difference between the attacks people like Spencer threw against minorities and the attack he received during his interview. Spencer 's attacks were racist, while the protester 's attack was not, it was only base on…show more content…
Racism is a concept based on power and oppression, and ultimately white people are the ones that hold that power and use it to oppress people of color. The only reason why the term "reverse racism" is resonating so much among white people in America right now is because of the blatant incidents of racism against people of color that have become too frequent to ignore, as for example "the police beating death of Ottawa man Abdirahman Abdi, or the fatal shooting of Colten Boushie, an Indigenous man from Saskatchewan" (Krishnan, 2016). Now that the color communities are willing to interrogate issues of racism more openly, the white community pushes back claiming that the rebellion of people of color against the white privilege is an attack against their race. But facts are not racists, they are just hard to
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