Analysis: The Reverse Of Racism Is Love

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The Reverse of Racism is Love Would you punch a Nazi in the face? The twentieth of January of this year, Richard Spencer, a well known American white supremacist, neo-Nazi and member of the alt-right movement, was punched in the face during an interview by a protester. The moment that was caught on video became rapidly viral, with thousands of internet posts that came afterwards, either making fun of Spencer or reprimanding the actions of the protester. Regardless of whatever reaction a person can have when watching a Nazi being punched in the face, there is irony in the fact that Spencer was victim of the kind of power he has tried to wield against minorities while following a Neo-nazi ideology; however, there is a huge difference between the attacks people like Spencer threw against minorities and the attack he received during his interview. Spencer 's attacks were racist, while the protester 's attack was not, it was only base on prejudice. Nevertheless, many people would watch the video of Spencer being punched in the face and claim that his attack is an example of "reverse racism" or "white racism". The term "white racism" is relatively new, in comparison with the original concept of scientific racism that has existed since the eighteen century, and nowadays is more common to find people that claim to be victims of "reverse racism". Questions like: why isn 't there a White History Month or why isn 't there a network for White Entertainment Television, reflect the

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