Analysis: The Rough Around The Edges Never Smoothed

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The Rough Around the Edges Never Smoothed Zakary Meyer Keiser University The Rough Around the Edges Never Smoothed Edgar Allan Poe the one who is considered the writer of the dark, the murderous and death was born January 19th 1809 in Boston. Born second to two child actors, abandoned by his father a year after being born, and within another loses his mother, only to be brought in by John and Frances Allan’s but never got adopted by them only after living most of his childhood with them. Poe went to college for a semester before he couldn’t financially manage himself then enlisted in the army, where he was expelled. The man of the dark arts was also a man who cherished love, but lost and only fueled his darkness. With everything that Poe had to go through in his life it is more evident on why he implemented on being dark, having his writing about death, and his drinking and gambling habits (Levin, Krupat 2013). When Poe is thought of he is instantly called a writer of the dark. Yes, but why, maybe the fact that he fell in love and was married and then his wife passed away. I believe that would make anybody turn at least a little on the bitter side. “When…show more content…
The root of Poe’s fondness of death could go back to his father leaving him at a young age, or a terrible example of a father figure all throughout his life and have never been accepted. Death is huge in many of his works as in Cask of Amontillado, The Tell-tale Heart, and The Pit and the Pendulum just to name a few. And within all of these the two main characters were somehow one way or another brutally murdered which taking the psychoanalytic approach you can say that Poe was writing thinking his real father or his other “father” figure, as one of the less unfortunate characters in his stories. It may have been all the therapy he needed, maybe that was why he wrote so dark and
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