Analysis: The Sign Of The Beaver

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All Because of a Love for Honey Imagine you are all alone in the wilderness, your food supply is dwindling and the only thing that stands between you and your favorite treat-- delectable, mouthwatering honey-- are a few bees. This occurred in the novel “The Sign of the Beaver” by Elizabeth George Speare. One morning as an Indian chief silently walked through the woods, he heard a sound of a human. He peered through the bushes and glimpsed a young boy noisily trotting through the forest. The boy paused by a tall tree and began to ascend the tree. The Indian doubtfully watched the boy, knowing that it was not wise to climb this tree because there was a giant beehive at the top. But to the Indian’s surprise the foolish white boy reached into the beehive and broke off a piece. The Indian watched as the boy scrambled down the tree while the bees swarmed around him violently attacking. The boy took off running. The Indian paused only a moment and then soundlessly darted after the boy. While everyone agrees that the white boy Matt was in danger, some believe that the Indians should have rescued Matt from the bees and some believe that the Indians should not have rescued Matt from the bees. The Indians should have rescued Matt from the bees for three reasons: Matt faced unexpected danger, by rescuing Matt the Indians received numerous benefits, and Matt emphatically improved himself because of the Indians’ kind deed. The first reason the Indians should have rescued Matt from the
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