Analysis: To Build A Fire By London Jack

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For this unit discussion assignment I picked " To Build a fire by London Jack " because this story is very interesting and to learn from.About the decision that we make in life and it consequences especially when we ignore the advice of the elders. It talks bout this man who was somehow given advice by the older men in city of Yokon that he shouldn't travel alone when the temperature is 50 below zero.First many people build a fire for a different reasons. But throughout this tale, fire had been build for protection,for what? for warm temperature to be able to eat food,to dry off moccasins and socks and to dry hands and is an example of it :"Then he bared the other hand for the purpose of eating. He tried to take a mouthful,…show more content…
He laughed at his own foolishness." "But he was safe. Toes and nose and face would be only touched by the frost, because the fire was beginning to burn with strength. He was feeding it with sticks the size of his finger. In another minute he would be able to feed it with larger branches. Then he could remove his wet moccasins and socks. While they dried, he could keep his naked feet warm by the fire, rubbing them first with snow. The fire was a success. He was safe. He remembered the advice of the old man on" Sulphur Creek, ,so this man decided to travel himself and wolf dog in very cold state. It was 75 below zero, he set off to go to the camp to meet the boy. Eventually the old man on Sulphur creek had told him not to travel alone but with someone and many advice did he give him. But this guy ignored them,now he faced dilemma along his journey, the dog new that it was extremely cold but it could do nothing jut observing, the man through several danger in which he mange to survive, however the man fell through.And was wet to the knees and got angry for what happened to him because I thought to arrived to the camp around six.Now he will be late,he will have to build a fire and dry off his moccasins
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